Taylor Lautner and his wife Taylor talk about “blonde girl Taylor” Swift: “She’s such a genius”

John Shearer/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

Not long ago, Taylor Lautner and his wife Taylor, aka “Tay” or “girl Tay,” joined Lautner’s ex, Taylor Swift, onstage to celebrate the premiere of her video for “I Can See You,” in which Lautner stars. Now, the couple is discussing the experience on their podcast The Squeeze.

To lessen the confusion of three Taylors, during the podcast, the couple calls Swift “blonde girl Taylor.” “We’ve known how freaking awesome the video is for a while now, so it was just stoked for everybody to see it and just see the genius of blonde girl Taylor because she is truly unbelievable. She can do it all,” Lautner said.

“Honestly, the most impressive thing about her is that she is such a genius and she does do it all but you would never think so just talking to her. She’s the most humble person I’ve ever encountered.”

Lautner’s wife, girl Tay, agreed, and said she’s happy to call Swift a friend. The two also revealed their favorite Swift songs, with Lautner mentioning “Exile,” “The One” and “Enchanted,” and girl Tay going for “Cruel Summer,” “Midnight Rain,” “Long Live” and “All Too Well.”

As for what it was like to introduce your wife to your ex-girlfriend, Lautner said, “I know on paper it sounds like a tough situation, but I not once was ever worried about it.”  Not only are he and girl Tay secure in their relationship, he added, but girl Tay is “the coolest, chillest person ever,” not to mention a huge Swiftie.

Asked how it feels to be one of the few exes that Swift has written a positive song about — in this case, “Back to December” — Lautner said, “It feels great,” and girl Tay noted, “I think it’s a testament to you as a person.”   

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