Bryan Adams joins tech startup that keeps songs safe

Bryan Adams (R) with Songbox co-founders Ciaran O’Toole (L) and Michael Coll (middle); Courtesy Songbox

Ever since music went digital, countless songs and albums have leaked before their release dates as keeping files under lock and key while they get sent back and forth is extremely difficult. Now, Bryan Adams is here to help.

Adams has signed on as a cofounder of Songbox, a Scottish tech company that’s invented a safe way to share music. The technology allows musicians — or anyone else who creates audio content — to store their files securely and share it with whoever they want while preventing unwanted leaks.

What’s more, you can monitor who is listening, which tracks they’re listening to and for how long. That’s super-valuable for any new artist who wants to send their demos to a record company or producer, for example.

Bryan was one of the first people to use the technology, and over the past two years, he’s also helped add new features to the product. Songbox founder Michael Coll says the rocker’s “insight” has been “invaluable” when it came to making it even more helpful for musicians.

In a statement, Bryan says thanks to Songbox, “I don’t need to send out MP3 files or physical products, so it keeps my ideas and early versions safe and secure until I’m ready to officially release the songs. It was exactly what I was looking for.”

He adds, “I’m delighted to join Songbox and to help tell other people in the music business how great this tool can be for their work.”

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