Electronic Touch? Some ‘Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)’ vinyl pressed with incorrect songs

Beth Garrabrant

Imagine putting your new Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) vinyl on your turntable, dropping the needle and hearing … well, something that’s not Taylor Swift. That’s what happened to an “extremely limited” number of fans out there, due to a pressing error.

The problem first became public after a fan’s TikTok went viral for asking, “Does anyone else’s Speak Now vinyl not have Taylor Swift on it?” When she plays the LP, we hear a woman saying, “Quit looking at the flakes of flesh and dancing organisms/Or rather jump the imprint of freaking attacks of anxiety/This all fell on my face after a dive and a trippy joint.”

The fan flips the record over and we hear a man saying, “Seventy billion people of Earth/Where are they hiding?”

As The Independent reports, these two songs are Thunderhead The Word By Eden‘s “True Romance” and Cabaret Voltaire’s “Soul Vine (70 Billion People),” respectively, and they’re both on a compilation called Happy Land: A Compendium Of Electronic Music From The British Isles 1992-1996 Vol 1.

Above Board, the label and distributor of that release, has posted a cheeky statement on Instagram: “Due to a delicate pressing blunder, some Taylor Swift fans received a misprinted copy of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)…never in our wildest dreams could we imagine this situation.”

“While we know all too well this error was beyond our control, we sincerely hope anyone who received what is Not Taylor’s Version of the vinyl is enchanted by the blissful electronica,” the statement continues.

Meanwhile, Taylor’s record company says in a statement to Variety, “We are aware that there are an extremely limited number of incorrectly pressed vinyl copies in circulation and have addressed the issue.” Fans can now obtain a replacement or refund.

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