Matchbox Twenty wants their new songs to “find loving homes” with their fans

photo by Jimmy Fontaine

Matchbox Twenty just released their first album in more than 10 years, Where the Light Goes. Front man Rob Thomas says at this point in their career, they’re not worried about Platinum albums and hit singles — they’d just like it if their new songs end up meaning as much to their fans as their older songs have over the years.

“You know, we’re lucky that as a band, we’re the kind of band who, our songs have made their way in the fabric of people’s lives in a lot of ways,” Rob tells ABC Audio. “People play these songs at their weddings and people play some of these songs at their funerals, honestly, and parties.”

“I always think of it as like, there’s Saturday nights and there’s Sunday mornings and we’ve got something that’s kind of been a part of everybody’s…all of that!” he laughs.

And that’s why Rob is hoping the same fate awaits the new songs on Where the Light Goes.  “I hope and pray that some of these songs from this new record find that kind of life,” he says.

He adds, “You know, they’re like little stray animals that need adopting, and I hope they find those loving homes — the same loving homes that those other songs found.”  

Rob and Matchbox Twenty are currently out on their Slow Dream tour, which is scheduled to wrap up August 6 in Tinley Park, IL.

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