Kelly Clarkson promises all 10 shows of her Vegas residency will be different

Courtesy Live Nation

Kelly Clarkson kicks off her Chemistry…An Intimate Night with Kelly Clarkson residency in Las Vegas in a month, and she promises none of her 10 shows will be the same.

“All 10 shows will be different,” she tells Billboard’s Pop Shop podcast. “There’s definitely gonna be the hits in all of them, but we’re sprinkling in covers that people have liked or album tracks that people have liked here and there…I’m going to hit all the [new] album, just on different nights.”

She also teases the residency shows will be more stripped down, as the title suggests — much different than the bigger spectacle shows she was planning for another Vegas residency that was scrapped in 2020 due to the pandemic.

“It’s gonna be more of an intimate [show], like looking you in the eye, having conversations,” Kelly says. “And the last Vegas thing that we were going to do was very different. It was huge. It was just more of a spectacle kind of thing, which is what people obviously usually go to Vegas for, but it didn’t fit where I’m at right now or this record for me. So I just changed it.”

Chemistry…An Intimate Night with Kelly Clarkson debuts on July 28 at the Bakkt Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

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