Jonas Brothers say upcoming Five Albums. One Night. tour is inspired by “gratitude” towards their fans

Courtesy Live Nation

Jonas Brothers kick off their Five Albums. One Night. The Tour. in August, during which they plan to visit stadiums and arenas, playing five of their albums each night.  The group played one album per night during their Broadway residency earlier this year, and Joe Jonas says that’s what inspired them to put all of them into one show.

“We noticed when we played our Broadway residency…you could see these [fans’] faces just light up,” Joe tells ABC Audio. “You’re playing some of their favorite songs — the B-tracks on albums that traditionally wouldn’t be performed live.”

“We just took so much gratitude away from these experiences with our fans,” he adds. “We said, ‘We should build a show that really brings all of these albums to life in one night.”

But how will they manage to do that?  After all, each album contains 10 or more tracks, and that’s even more songs than Taylor Swift plays in her three-and-a-half hour shows.

“We’re still trying to figure out how best to go about this, so that way no one’s there for 14 hours,” Joe laughs. “But I think we’re we’re making making it work and we’re going to make it work. And we have some ideas that are starting to come to life.”

Five Albums. One Night. The Tour. begins August 12 at New York’s Yankee Stadium and is set to wrap up October 16 in Orlando, FL.

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