From ashes to cheese: Pink gifted giant wheel of Brie during London show

Burak Cingi/Redferns

Let’s just say this was a much better gift than a deceased person’s ashes. After a video went viral of a fan throwing a bag of her mother’s cremated remains onstage during Pink’s show in London over the weekend, a new clip has surfaced of a fan gifting the singer a giant wheel of cheese.

In the video posted to TikTok, Pink is seen performing her song “F*****’ Perfect” during her British Summer Time festival show when she spots the cheese in the crowd. “What the f***?” she mouths as she looks on in awe and reaches her arms out. “I wanna kiss you on the mouth.”

The wheel of Brie de Meux eventually makes its way to the stage, where Pink grabs it and holds it close. To the fan who gifted it, she mouths, “I love you.”

It was a very different reaction to when she picked up the bag of ashes. “This is your mom?” she asked incredulously. “I don’t know how I feel about this.”

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