Cyndi Lauper on why she made a documentary about her life

Dave Simpson/WireImage

Cyndi Lauper’s new documentary, Let The Canary Sing, will have its world premiere at the Tribeca Festival on Wednesday, June 14, and the singer is opening up about why she decided to let her story be told on screen.

“I just think a documentary sometimes helps show people how, because everybody starts out with somebody saying, ‘What are you going to do that for? Don’t do that. Get a real job,'” she tells The Hollywood Reporter. She added it’s “so amazing” when that starts to change and “they want to know what you’re doing and you try and explain, and they always say, ‘Well, good luck with your work.'”

She adds, “So instead of being disheartened, it’s good to learn about someone else and see how they made their good steps and bad steps.” 

Cyndi says she wasn’t very hands-on in the making of the doc, joking, “The only thing I got involved with, you know me, sitting in front of the camera,” although she did have to go and get photos and go through stuff from her past.

As for why she wasn’t more involved, she says, “And let me tell you — if you are really involved in your documentary, it’s no longer a documentary.”

As for what she thinks of it, Cyndi says she saw the film in its early stages and can’t really say if she enjoyed it or not, noting she felt like an editor. She explains, “I can only watch it for that, just make the facts straight. ‘This is what happened. This is the truth. That’s not.’ That’s all.”

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