The secret to Seal’s success? His “knack” for writing songs that make grown men cry

ABC/Randy Holmes

Seal has a few U.S. dates left on his 30th anniversary tour before he heads over to Europe. Of course, for any pop star to still be around after 30 years is quite an achievement, but Seal says it all comes down to one thing — his songs.

“Whilst I do not consider myself any great songwriter, one thing that I have a knack of being able to do is, I write these songs that people can find themselves in. Or find a part of themselves in,” he told ABC Audio.

“I’m not quite sure why that is. It’s not really that important, but when you have a song like, y’know, ‘Love’s Divine‘ — I’ve been singing [it] to people and I’ve just seen grown men crying,” Seal noted. “That … is everything to me.”

And even when he didn’t think a particular song would be a hit — “A Kiss from a Rose,” for example — Seal says he still understood when it ended up connecting with people. He believes that, over the entire history of pop music, it’s been proven that if you have a good song, and you deliver it with a great vocal, that’s basically all you need.

“Those are the only two constants. They never change. Everything else changes. Those two don’t,” Seal explained. “And the result is the same. You write a good song or … if you’re lucky enough to come across a great song, and you sing it well, that’s what happens. It connects with people.”

“As Bono said, y’know, ‘Ideas come and go, but songs last forever.'”

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