Nick Jonas says he’d love to put together a Jonas Brothers musical: “There are no rules”

New York Yankees/Getty Images

Earlier this year, Jonas Brothers did a mini-residency on Broadway, and Nick Jonas says one day he’d like to see a Jonas Brothers Broadway musical.

Speaking to Variety, Nick says, “Broadway is a first love of mine. Our Broadway residency was an incredibly unique and fulfilling experience, and we saw our catalog really lends itself to building a show around. I don’t think that’s something that I would star in, but that would be something I’d love to put together.”

Asked if this hypothetical musical would actually tell their story, Nick says, “We’ve been playing around with it since there are no rules. We could do something autobiographical or we could simply use the music and create a new story a la Across the Universe or & Juliet. We’re open to whatever.”

In addition to that, Nick adds, “I’m also working on musical theater ideas right now that are a long ways away from being ready to be on stage. But I’m definitely going to do something on the stage again. Even a straight play is an area of interest for me.”

For now, though, Nick’s on the silver screen in a new movie called The Good Half, which is premiering at the Tribeca Festival. The movie was directed by Robert Schwartzman, and he and Nick go way back: In 2008, Schwartzman’s band Rooney opened for Jonas Brothers.

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