“We are doing the impossible”: As tour launches, Pink’s ready for the “fantasy feat of a lifetime”

Ebru Yildiz

Pink‘s Summer Carnival stadium tour launches Wednesday night in Bolton, England, and she took to Instagram to share some photos and video of her preparations, as well as a note acknowledging what a huge task it is to mount a tour of this size, which she calls “a fantasy feat of a lifetime.”

“63 stadiums, 3 headlining festivals and 22 more arenas for good measure across the globe,” Pink writes. 

She continues, “As you know, ‘bigger better faster more’ is my motto, and as of today, I am all of that, plus stronger, wiser, more resilient and more ready. And I’ve never been more grateful.” 

She then thanks her crew, adding, “We are doing the impossible. No one does this.”

Pink goes on to write, “I’ve never asked more of this body of mine- and I have to admit- there are a couple of parts of this show I’m not sure I should be doing (you’ll know what I’m talking about very soon). There are only a handful of women that have ever done this- and yes world- I AM ONE OF THEM. Thanks to y’all.”

Describing her concerts, Pink says, “We get to feel all the feelings we’ve been stuffing down. We get to close our eyes and leave it all behind. We get to scream and cry and laugh and embrace the memories we have all made together and then make some more. It is my honor to be with you and to human alongside you.”

In her post, she also reveals that Queen guitarist Brian May and his family have sent her a bottle of Champagne and a note reading, “Kill ’em, Alecia!  Britain loves you and so do we.” Pink sang with Queen at the Taylor Hawkins tribute concert last year.

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