Céline Dion finding “support and love” from her sons while working to return to performing

Visual China Group via Getty Images

Following the news that Céline Dion had to cancel her European tour due to her ongoing battle with stiff person syndrome, a source tells People that the star is “doing everything she can” to return to the stage.

“It’s heartbreaking that she has had to cancel touring but she is suffering mobility and other issues from the disease disrupting her daily life,” the source tells People, noting that Céline has “not given up at all.”

“She is hoping to get all of the issues with this disease under control so she can sing again,” the source adds.

Céline “loves her audiences” and “singing is her life,” dishes the source, adding, “Seeing this happen is upsetting to her and to everyone around her.”

Those around her include her sons René-Charles, 22, and 12-year-old twins Nelson and Eddy.

“Her main focuses are always her sons and performing … Céline just loves her boys so much,” says the insider. “They are amazing. They give her all the support and love that she needs. They are her light right now.”

Earlier in the week, a source told People that Céline decided to cancel the shows because she felt continuing to postpone them “wasn’t fair to the fans.”

Stiff person syndrome is an incurable neurological disease that can cause debilitating muscle spasms.

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