Taylor Swift calls out security guard mid-song, gives mistreated fan free tickets

Lisa Lake/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS

Nobody better mess with Swifties while Taylor Swift is around.

Fan-recorded clips of Taylor performing in Philadelphia on Saturday night show Taylor calling out a security guard for mistreating a fan while singing “Bad Blood.” 

“She’s fine,” Taylor is seen saying while pointing off stage. “She wasn’t doing anything. Hey, stop! Stop.”

It wasn’t clear what Taylor was upset about, but one fan tweeted, “taylor was yelling at a security guard because they fully kept putting their hands on us to physically push us off of the barricade instead of just telling us to move.”

The fan clarified that she wasn’t the fan affected, but added, “it was on the other side of me, but it was happening on both sides…every time taylor came over to us they would scream at us to get away.”

Then, a fan named Kelly recorded a TikTok on Sunday — using her friend Caitlin‘s TikTok account — in which she claimed to be the fan that Taylor was defending.

“I was the girl that Taylor talked to last night,” she said. “Basically, the guard had been harassing our group all night…he just kept telling us not to touch the rail [in front of the stage], and ever time we did anything, he was on top of us.”

“We’re dancing, we’re having fun, and he didn’t like it…and she noticed, and she didn’t like it,” Caitlin continued. “And then he basically got escorted out and then they offered us free tickets for tonight!”

“It wasn’t this big crazy thing, it was just a buncha girls having a good time, and he didn’t want us to have fun,” she concluded.”

Later on Sunday, Caitlin posted a TikTok of herself and Kelly traveling from Baltimore, MD back to Philadelphia to see the Eras Tour again.

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