Rachel Platten returns with Mother’s Day song “Girls”

Gabriel Jeffery

“Fight Song” singer Rachel Platten is now a mother of two, and she’s returned with a new single that’s perfect for Mother’s Day this weekend.

The song is called “Girls” and was inspired by Rachel’s two daughters, Violet and Sophie. The inspiring lyrics say, “Hope you always know your worth/ Though I know that life can hurt/ Hope you know that you can turn to each other/ Hope the road ahead is clear/ And I hope you know when I’m not here/ that you’ll always have the love of your mother.”

Explaining how she wrote the song, Rachel says, “I was missing my babies while at a recording session and really wanted to touch on what it meant to me to be a mom. I started noodling on the piano and humming a melody – it just came to me. I look at songs as if I pull a star out of the sky — when it’s right.”

She adds that she recorded the song in one take, after being inspired by both her sister and her parents to finish the track.

“Girls” is Rachel’s first new single since 2020’s “Soldiers.” She’s currently working on a new album.

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