Pentatonix will star in a Netflix rom-com for the 2024 holiday season

Michael Becker/FOX

Last year, Pentatonix had their own Christmas special on Disney+. Next year, they’ll be moving up to the next level of holiday TV fare: the Christmas rom-com.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly after they were revealed as the California Roll on The Masked Singer earlier this week, Pentatonix member Scott Hoying said, “We’ve been working on a film that Netflix and Christina Milian are executive producing called Meet Me Next Christmas. And we get to be centerpieces in this movie in a way that is really, really exciting.”

“We’ve always wanted to do a Christmas movie like this,” he adds. “It’s a rom-com that I think people are gonna really enjoy and have a lot of fun with. It’s slated for 2024, so working on that film and our Christmas music for this year has been such a fun joy as well.”

The group will kick off a summer tour in August, and they say they may do some of the numbers they performed on The Masked Singer, including “Creep” and “Paparazzi.”

“If people come to our summer tour, they’ll get our California Roll experience as well as the Pentatonix experience,” joked Scott. “The California-tonix Experience.”

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