Fan attempts to sell used contact lenses “that have seen Taylor Swift Eras Tour” for $10K

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Over the years, all kinds of crazy celebrity-adjacent stuff has been posted on auction sites for crazy amounts of money, like Britney Spears‘ already-chewed gum, Justin Timberlake‘s half-eaten breakfast and a single crumb of a Justin Bieber-branded “TimBit” from Tim Horton’s. But the latest entry into this category just may take the cake.

As captured by The Daily Mail, a listing on the clothing sales site Depop offered a pair of dried-up contact lenses for $10,000, advertising that they were “contacts that have seen Taylor Swift‘s Eras Tour.”

On Twitter, fellow fans reacted in a variety of ways: Some thought it was disgusting, some thought it was crazy, and some kicked themselves for not thinking of it first. 

“swifties are so unhinged, i love us so much,” one tweeted.

“Maybe I should sell my glasses that have seen Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac, Cher, Joan Jett, and Blondie,” someone snarked.

“Thanks for the idea im doing this after I see the Jonas brothers LMFAOO,” joked a third.

And another tweeted, “Not mad at them at all ! Personally I’d sell them individually.”

The listing was eventually taken down, with the user posting, “LMAO IT WAS A JOKE.”

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