Need directions to the “Waffle House”? Jonas Brothers are now on Waze

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Jonas Brothers have partnered with the mobile game Candy Crush to promote their new album, as previously reported. And they’ve also teamed up with another popular app: Waze. 

If you open your Waze mobile app and tap “Customize your drive,” you can choose “Drive with the Jonas Brothers” to have Nick, Joe and Kevin give you directions … perhaps to your nearest “Waffle House.” You can watch behind-the-scenes video of the brothers recording their Waze lines, like “Speed trap reported ahead,” on Instagram.

According to People, the brothers made their directions super specific. If you’re in New Jersey, their home state, you may hear Kevin say, “Exit right. And if you happen to be on New Jersey Route 3, don’t miss the Tick Tock Diner in Clifton.”

At one point Joe says, “You’ve arrived! Congratulations. As a reward, I will tell you about the most ridiculous show we have ever played: 2005, in the food court of a mall in St. Louis, getting booed by senior citizens at 11 a.m. Everything is easier once you’ve survived that.”

In a statement to People, the guys say, “Growing up on the road, our tour bus became our home away from home, so we know the importance of getting places safely and on time.” They add that they’re excited to “have our fans around the world join us on their drives and share some of our favorite memories and spots we’ve discovered while touring.”

Jonas Brothers’ The Album arrives on Friday, May 12.

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