Listen to another new track from Matchbox Twenty’s ‘Where the Light Goes’


Matchbox Twenty has released a second taste of their upcoming album, Where the Light Goes, due out May 26.

It’s called “Don’t Get Me Wrong” and also comes with a performance video. The way singer Rob Thomas describes the song makes it sound like it could be about a relationship, or it could be about a band that’s been around for more than two decades — like Matchbox Twenty, for example.

“A lot of times, when people have been together for years, you can have arguments that get really heated and keep you on edge. It’s only natural for someone to sometimes think it may be the end,” Rob explains. “This song was just someone saying, ‘I know I get mad sometimes, but I’m not going anywhere.’”

And speaking of not going anywhere, Where the Light Goes is Matchbox Twenty’s first album in more than 10 years, and Rob and guitarist/drummer Paul Doucette tell People that at first they weren’t sure if they should even make it.

“I had a sense of trepidation about going in [to the studio],” Rob says. 

Paul adds, “I … think that the reality of it is when you don’t work with somebody for 10 years, you can have a little bit of reservation about going back in. I personally had gotten to a point where I had never thought we were going to make a record again.”

But the band members all ended up on the same page after they worked on one song — the album’s title track — and Rob realized he didn’t want to “miss the magic … that happens when we get together.”

Matchbox Twenty’s long-awaited Slow Dream Tour kicks off May 16 in Vancouver.

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