Watch everybody get it on to Jason Mraz’s new slow jam “Pancakes & Butter”

Shervin Lainez

Jason Mraz is out with “Pancakes & Butter,” the latest song from his upcoming album, Mystical Magical Rhythmical Radical Ride, and he’s got a hilarious video to go with it.

In the retro video, which appears to be set in the ’70s, we see a couple watching a TV show with two hosts, who are sitting with a stack of pancakes on a table between them. They introduce Jason as the musical guest, and as he starts singing the ’70s-flavored slow jam, he magically makes things appear and throws them to the audience.

Soon, everyone who’s listening to Jason sing the song starts getting hot and bothered. The two TV hosts start smearing each other with the syrup from the pancakes and making out. Two guys in the control room start going at it, and then everyone in the audience starts pairing off and making out like crazy.

As the song ends, we cut back to the couple watching a TV show — except they’re not there anymore: all we can see is their discarded clothing strewn around the room.

Mystical Magical Rhythmical Radical Ride is out June 23.

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