OneRepublic members now have official limit on touring, even if they have “the biggest hit in the universe”

ABC/Paula Lobo

Last year, OneRepublic scored their first top 10 hit since 2013 with “I Ain’t Worried.” They hit the road to promote it, but they hit it a little bit too hard. Now, they’ve put a strict limit on how much they’ll be touring in the future.

“In 2022 and part of 2023, I think every artist that had been stuck at home for two-and-a-half years — us being one of them — the second COVID started lifting, and … all the offers started coming in for tours, we just said yes to everything,” frontman Ryan Tedder tells People. “Then, we got halfway through 2022, and the whole band was like, ‘What are we doing? This is way too much. We can’t do this again.'”

As a result, Ryan explains, “We’ve now put into practice, [what] I would call laws of touring, which is no more than, in a calendar year, eight to 10 weeks.”

“No matter if we have the biggest hit in the universe, if we’re playing the hottest hand in the history of the band, eight to 10 weeks in a calendar year is the most that we will allow ourselves to be gone because of our families,” he explains.

“2022 was making up for lost time. That said, I don’t ever want to repeat it again,” Ryan says.

Ryan also tells People his two sons — Miles, 8, and Copeland, 12 — will likely follow in his footsteps, given that Copeland is making his own dance records, while Miles can play anything he hears on guitar and piano.

“In my perfect world … they go on to collaborate with artists all over the world and have huge records,” says Ryan. “I think it’d be a fun life, and I could definitely give them some pointers.”

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