It’s already May, but please enjoy some new *NSYNC Day posts from Lance and Joey

Sam Levi/WireImage

If on Sunday, which was April 30, you walked around all day singing “It’s Gonna Be May,” make sure to check out some new twists on the beloved meme from *NSYNC‘s Joey Fatone and Lance Bass.

For those who don’t know, April 30 is sort of an unofficial *NSYNC holiday, because when the group recorded their hit “It’s Gonna Be Me” back in 2000, Justin Timberlake pronounced “me” as “May.”

The idea of “It’s Gonna Be May” has been traced back to a 2012 Tumblr post, which was popularized on Twitter later that same year. Ever since then, it’s been a popular meme: even Barack Obama used it.

Over the years, various members of the group acknowledged the day with posts, but Joey and Lance are the most into it. On Monday, Joey posted a pic of himself back in the day with the caption, “It is no longer April.”  He captioned it, “Need I say more #itsgonnabemay.” On his Instagram Story, he posted a video of a kindergarten class adorably shouting, “It’s gonna be May!”

Lance, meanwhile, teamed up with a creator called Halffamous for a lengthy skit in which one guy gets angry because the other one hasn’t said “It’s Gonna Be May” yet. The doorbell rings, and when angry guy gets up to answer it, it’s Lance. He slams the door, but Lance magically appears in his living room with a boom box. He plays “It’s Gonna Be May,” and he and the other guy start dancing.

Lance also posted another “It’s Gonna Be May” video that’s a montage of classic *NSYNC imagery. 

In addition, Lance told Yahoo that the whole “singing ‘me’ as ‘May’  thing” wasn’t even Justin’s idea: producer Max Martin made Justin sing the word that way.

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