Elton John is looking forward to “a little bit of freedom” when tour finally ends

Craig Sjodin/ABC

Many fans wondered if Elton John was serious about his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour really, truly being his last one. Well, Elton has once again insisted that it is … and he can’t wait until it’s over.

Speaking to Deadline over the weekend, Elton says, “I’m not going to tour again. There may be the odd show, but I’m not touring. Touring is exhausting for me now, and it takes me away from my family and my children.”

In fact, the Rocket Man says he’s literally counting down the days until the end of the tour and hasn’t even thought of what he’s going to do next.

“I finish on July the 8th, and I’m not concentrating on anything else apart from that date,” he said. “And then I have a little bit of freedom. I can relax. But I would have done 330 shows on this tour by that point.”

Elton’s tour is already the highest grossing of all time, and he’s still got plenty of shows left to do — including his first headlining appearance at the U.K.’s most prestigious festival, Glastonbury, in June.

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