Watch Colbie Caillat’s video for new single “Worth It”

Brenton Giesey

Colbie Caillat‘s comeback as a solo artist is a song that her old pal Taylor Swift — and a lot of other people — can probably relate to.

In the new song, “Worth It,” Colbie sings about two lovers who’ve gone their separate ways, but who acknowledge that the experience of loving each other was worth any of the downsides of the relationship.

Somewhere along the way/Lovers drifted apart/And even though I didn’t stay/You have a place in my heart,” she sings. “I wouldn’t change a thing/I know it wasn’t perfect/But lovin’ you was worth it.”

In the video, Colbie drives a truck to a road near a hill, and as she sings, we see two dancers on the hill playing out the arc of a relationship.  Colbie will give “Worth It” its TV debut on The Kelly Clarkson Show on April 26.

Previously, Colbie said of the track, “I think that everyone can relate to drifting apart from a past love. Although it’s a painful process, it’s a beautiful thing to be able to look back at that time in your life with new perspective and realize that what was gained from that relationship was worth all of the low points.”

As previously reported, “Worth It” is Colbie’s first solo release since her 2016 album, The Malibu Sessions. After that release, she co-founded the country/pop group Gone West in 2018. They released their debut album in 2020, but broke up that same year.  Also that year, Colbie ended her engagement to singer/songwriter Justin Young, whom she’d been with since 2009.

“Worth It” is from Colbie’s upcoming album; she hasn’t revealed the title or release date yet.


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