Enya’s ‘Box of Dreams’ collection coming to (eco-friendly) vinyl


The soothing sounds of Enya are coming to vinyl.

A Box of Dreams, a compilation package originally released as a three-CD set in 1997, will be available as a six-LP box set on June 23. The package is eco-friendly, having been manufactured with 100% recycled vinyl and packaging.

A Box of Dreams features songs from her 1986 self-titled album through her 1997 single “Only If…”. All the songs were arranged thematically over three CDs; now, the themes will be carried over on three double LPs.  The first theme, Oceans, will feature uplifting songs, like the hit “Orinoco Flow,” “Book of Days” and “Caribbean Blue.”

The second theme, Clouds, includes instrumentals and songs where she’s vocalizing but not exactly singing, such as “Watermark” and “Shepherd Moons.” The third theme, Stars, includes Enya’s ballads, like “Evening Falls.” 

In addition to the six LPs, the package comes with new liner notes from Enya’s musical collaborators Roma and Nicky Ryan, as well as a series of short poems by Roma.


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