Tina Turner: “I’m as famous for my legs as much as my voice”

Paul Bergen/Redferns

Tina Turner was known for putting on dazzling performances — and most of the time she’d do so while showing off her famous set of legs, which were once rumored to be insured for millions of dollars. But it turns out, Tina had a very practical reason for always baring those famous pins. 

“Sometimes I think I’m as famous for my legs as much as my voice,” she tells The Sun. “I only had my legs on show so much as it made it much easier to dance …  And then it became part of my style.” 

And believe it or not, those legs also helped boost Turner’s self-image. She explains, “When I was younger I never felt confident about any part of my body, but with all the attention my legs received, I realized they must be OK!”

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